Serena Esse was born with the dream of giving elegance to summer contexts and making all women unique in their femininity, daring and expert in distinguishing themselves on every occasion, from the beach, to the pool party, to the trendiest aperitif. The costumes, of international scope, remain Made in Italy in the heart; design, research, fabrics and production are enhanced by the artisan excellence that guarantees its refined quality. There is no lack of innovation in the details and in the silhouette: each piece of the collection is created to adapt to each personality, allowing everyone to express their being, enhancing it. In fact, what makes these costumes truly unique is their modeling, prints and sparkling all-over embroidery that allow them to be perfectly interpretable even as leotards to be worn all year round, under a beautiful jacket, with jeans or an elegant evening trousers, especially the most glamorous models, even if there is no shortage of bon ton proposals thanks to romantic and hyper-feminine details.

Choosing one model over another tells a lot about the personality of each client and these creations are designed for all those women used to being noticed and treading the scene of life as absolute protagonists. Bold and feminine, they always want to be super charming and seductive everywhere and at any time and, by the sea, SERENA ESSE beachwear helps them a lot to bring out the diva inside them. What at the point, in addition to quality, is differentiation: you need to be experimental, innovative and think of a more pret à couture beachwear, that is, rich in unique and precious details, such as embroidery, ruffles, pleats, volants, sequins and laces that give that extra touch to a garment that is as simple as a swimsuit.




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